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Wireless Charger for Power Tools

9 Oct 2012 09:21:55

Wireless Battery Charging System for Power Tools

- Cutting-edge wireless charging technology to charge batteries without physical connection
- One charger for multiple Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Ion batteries
- Digital controller technology
- Creative RFID technology for communication

For high capacity power batteries: Lithium-ion / Ni-CD / Ni-Mh Battery (3.6V - 36V)

Posted By ORS Ltd.

Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries

30 Oct 2011 20:38:47

Rechargeable Alkaline Battery

"Never try to re-charge Alkaline batteries" - something we all have heard probably. BUT is this still the case these days? Indeed, some advances have been made with regard to recharge Alkaline batteries. The iGo-Green battery range is one of those for example. According to the manufacture these rechargeable alkaline batteries are less toxic that there counterparts based on Nickel-Metal hydride- (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium- (NiCd) or Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technologies.

These rechargeable Alkaline batteries come with another advantage. Most rechargeable batteries will loose most of the charge over tim...

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Posted By Paul Nolan

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