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Remember when cell phones could last for a whole week on one charge?

That was back in the days when phones were just phones. And maybe a quick game of snake. Now, our phones are personal computers wrapped up in a handheld package. And they're used constantly.

The biggest gripe with our smartphones nowadays is that the phone battery doesn't quite meet our demands. Our phones end up spending about as much time on the charger as they do in our hands.

Granted, there's only so much juice you can pack into a little machine as small as a smartphone. It's up to the user to step in and manage their phone ...

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Posted By Paul Nolan

Wireless Charger for Power Tools

9 Oct 2012 09:21:55

Wireless Battery Charging System for Power Tools

- Cutting-edge wireless charging technology to charge batteries without physical connection
- One charger for multiple Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Ion batteries
- Digital controller technology
- Creative RFID technology for communication

For high capacity power batteries: Lithium-ion / Ni-CD / Ni-Mh Battery (3.6V - 36V)

Posted By ORS Ltd.

Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries

30 Oct 2011 20:38:47

Rechargeable Alkaline Battery

"Never try to re-charge Alkaline batteries" - something we all have heard probably. BUT is this still the case these days? Indeed, some advances have been made with regard to recharge Alkaline batteries. The iGo-Green battery range is one of those for example. According to the manufacture these rechargeable alkaline batteries are less toxic that there counterparts based on Nickel-Metal hydride- (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium- (NiCd) or Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technologies.

These rechargeable Alkaline batteries come with another advantage. Most rechargeable batteries will loose most of the charge over tim...

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Posted By Paul Nolan

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