Apple iPod Photo Battery

Replacement for the following battery models:
Apple: 6160206

SKU: WC75811

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Product Description

Replacement for the following battery models:
Apple: 6160206

Suitable for the following devices:
Apple: iPod Photo
30GB: M9829LL/A, M9829*/A, M9829J/A, M9829X/A, M9829FE/A, M9829TA/A, M9829DK/A, M9829KH/A, M9829Z/A, M9829*, M9829B/A
40GB: M9585LL/A, M9585X/A, M9585ZR/A, M9585B/A, M9585*/A, M9585CH/A, M9585FE/A, M9585ZV/A, M9585J/A, M9585KH/A, M9585*, M9585TA/A
60GB: M9830LL/A, M9830*/A, M9830FD/A, M9830X/A, M9830CH/A, M9830FE/A, M9830TA/A, M9830DK/A, M9830Z/A, M9830KH/A, M9586TA/A, M9586KH/A, M9586*, M9586X/A, M9586LL/A, M9586ZR/A, M9586B/A, M9586*, M9586CH/A, M9586ZV/A, M9586FE/A, M9586J/A, M9830B/A, M9830*/A, M9830*

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Apple
SKU WC75811
Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity 900 mAh
Type Lithium-ion
Length 50.5 mm
Width 37 mm
Diameter No
Connector/Plug No
Sleeve N/A
Colour No
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